“Believe great things from God; attempt great things for God.”


Doing it t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r!   

Teams of enthusiastic evangelists are coming from revival countries where they have already seen God’s mighty hand working, and are joining forces with the faithful Christian fellowships scattered around the former Yugoslavian region…

  • To see evangelistic and church planting teams raised throughout the region, reaching out to locals with the Gospel, praying with determination and fervor, burdened for the lost.
  • Through joyful services, conferences, and training sessions; declarations of testimonies of God’s greatness.
  • In evangelistic outreaches, concerts, etc…


A New Mentality

It is POSSIBLE! People can become Christians – and even in our midst!


Faith – Hope – Expectation

All Christians have faith, but in what measure? As we see God working, we exercise faith. “I believe God can do it!” But often times we add “maybe.” Hope is the second phase where we get used to seeing God doing things, but we can still be daunted. Our vision is that a spirit of expectation would pervade, where Christians in the Balkan region cease asking “is it possible?”, but think instead that “God wants it done, let’s do it!”, regardless of the apparent impossibility. This is expectant faith.


Great Commission – let’s do it!

So often believers are inundated by the task. “Facing the task unfinished” – God commands us to reach our generation for Christ. If we don’t, who will? It is a fact that the present generation of 22 million will be ushered soon into eternity. Where will they end up? May the pervading mentality be that this is our task. We must escape the 4 walls of the church building and invite people in from the highways and byways.