Throughout the region of the Balkans, there is a dire spiritual situation: churches are sparse, evangelical believers are few, and apathy to the gospel reigns. Some church leaders and local believers really want to make a difference and start more churches, but their resources are often low. Many feel it will take up to fifty years to see new churches develop in their areas. That is too long for these people to wait.

European Christian Mission (ECM) wants to encourage visionary local leaders and churches in their aspirations to plant new churches and to reach the lost in their areas. Eight key zones have been identified where pastors and leaders are ready to begin now. We want to send teams of four evangelists - from Brazil and Ukraine - to join forces with them in their efforts.

It is our desire to help these believers strategically, encouraging them to do their part. And where they need help, to come alongside them to get the job done. As the Lord brings fruit, we are praying for other “cluster church planting zones” to open up and develop throughout these countries.

Will you join with God’s people who are already working there? Will you help?